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Sveba Dahlen Pizza Oven FAQ

What are the advantages of having dual temperature sensors in each oven chamber?

With dual temperature sensors, the baking becomes more consistent from pizza to pizza across the entire deck. With sensors on both the left and right sides, the oven reacts and bakes more evenly regardless of where you place the pizza in the oven.


What are the benefits of having elements for top, bottom, and front heat in the pizza oven?

The front heating element helps compensate when you open the oven door. This front element creates a more even bake at the front of the oven. This minimizes or eliminates the need to turn the pizza, resulting in less stress for the pizza chef. With top- bottom- and front heat you get even baking and gives you the result that you desire.

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What should be the setting for the bottom heat in my P-Series pizza oven?

With the P-Series pizza oven, you bake pizzas with even and fine results. But to achieve the right baking result, it's important to set the right settings in the oven!

Bottom heat setting in pizza oven 

First, it's important that the bottom heat of the pizza oven never has a value of 0. If only the top heat is working, it heats the upper layer of the stone very much, which in turn burns the bottom of the pizza. Set the value of the bottom heat to 1 - 2, so the heat is absorbed more efficiently in the stone, and you get a lighter bottom and a more stable and balanced pizza oven.

How you place the pizzas in the pizza oven 

For the best baking results, it's important to work systematically, and the placement of the pizzas is important for an even outcome. Since the stone has a natural inertia in absorbing heat, it's advisable to give the stone a few minutes to recover before placing another pizza in the same spot. This is best done by thinking of numbered spots in the oven where you place the first pizza at spot #1, the second at spot #2, and so on. When you've used all the spots, you start again at spot #1. If you have multiple decks, you can rotate even more spots if necessary. If the stone still doesn't recover between baking pizzas, then you need to increase the value of the bottom heat further."

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How does the turbo function of the pizza ovens work? 

The pizza ovens are equipped with an automatic turbo function that helps to quickly heat up the oven chamber to the desired temperature. The turbo function is also activated after opening the oven door to return to the desired temperature in the event of significant temperature loss (the value for when the turbo should kick in due to temperature loss is selectable).

What are the advantages of having a solid-state relay in the pizza oven?

Sveba Dahlen's pizza ovens are equipped with a solid-state relay that allows for the heat to be regulated in a very fast and efficient manner. As a result, you quickly get an even and correct temperature in the oven chamber. A solid-state relay leads to quieter operation without mechanical clicking and without moving parts, which increases the lifespan.

How does the pizza oven's AC guard function work?

By activating the oven's AC guard, you can connect your multi-deck pizza oven to a lower fuse rating than what the oven draws. This allows you to set the oven to never use its full power simultaneously. The oven then prioritizes power output according to a set priority order.

Here's how it works:

The value is set to the same amperage as the bakery's supplied fuse for the oven. If the oven's power consumption exceeds this value, the deck whose temperature is closest to its target value is automatically temporarily disconnected by pulsing to save on power. Note that the heating time will be longer for the decks that do not prioritize heat."

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Which Sveba Dahlen Pizza Oven is best suited for Neapolitan Pizza?

Neapolitan pizza, or Napoli style pizza, should be baked in a pizza oven with a temperature between 400 - 500°C / 752 - 932°F. Sveba Dahlen's electric High Temp Pizza Oven can reach temperatures up to 500°C / 932°F and is equipped with a genuine Biscotto di Sorrento clay stone from Italy. The pizza stone is specially made for baking at high temperatures.

The High Temp pizza oven heats up quickly and is ready to bake pizzas after 30 - 45 minutes. It is also equipped with dual temperature sensors in each deck that provide even heat distribution throughout the oven chamber. With the oven's weekly schedule function, you can easily set the oven so that it is warm and ready to bake when you arrive at the restaurant.

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How should I clean my pizza oven?

A well-cleaned oven extends its lifespan and gives a more pleasant impression to your customers. For hygienic reasons, the oven chamber should be cleaned daily.

Daily Cleaning 

Let the oven cool down. The Stone. Sweep the stone with a brush with natural fiber bristles (not metal). Burnt-on residues can be scraped off with a metal scraper (be careful not to damage the stone's surface). The stone in the P600 High Temp must be cleaned as described above by setting the oven to maximum temperature and only using a brush with natural fiber bristles (not metal). Note: water and cleaning agents must not be used on the stone! Door Glass. Wipe with a damp dishcloth with dish soap or use a suitable cleaning agent. We recommend Brilliant Clean with the article number 80064-005 (follow the instructions on the bottle). Note: the glass should not be over 50°C when cleaning. Exterior Cleaning. Wipe all exterior surfaces including the panel with a damp dishcloth with dish soap. On the stainless steel surfaces, we recommend Steel-Care with the article number 91430-009.

Every 4th – 8th Week / As Needed

For cleaning heavily burnt-on dirt in/on the oven, we recommend Oven Cleaner with the article number 6866-103180. Can be used on glass and metal (but not on aluminum). Note: The cleaner is very strong. Be careful with protective equipment and not to get the cleaner on the stone, the gasket, and the panel!

Let the oven cool down. It should not be over 50°C. Put on rubber gloves and safety goggles. Apply Oven Cleaner to the dirty surfaces. Allow to act for 5 - 15 minutes, depending on the thickness of the burnt-on dirt to be removed. Wipe off with a wet sponge/cloth.

Cleaning Double Glass / As Needed 

Dismantling and reassembling the glasses from the door is easier if two people are involved. You will need: A socket for a hex screw size 8mm. Glass cleaner. Towel.

Open the door and unscrew the screws holding the glass package on the inside of the door. The second person holds their hands under the glasses so they don't fall. Place the entire package, glass with sealing rings, and metal frame, on a cleaned table and preferably something soft like a towel. Wipe the glasses with a small amount of cleaner. Be careful to remember which glass was innermost and which side of the glass was inward in the oven. The glasses should be in the same position when reassembled. Once the glasses are clean, reassemble the glass package on the table. Lift and reassemble the glass package in the door.

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