Frequency converters for fans – for regulating airflow

Sveba Dahlen rack ovens can be equipped with optional frequency converters for fans. With this function, airflow speed in the oven chamber can be adjusted directly from the oven control panel. A lower airflow setting may be beneficial if the product is delicate, such as meringue or macarons, or has a topping that could otherwise risk being dislodged or dried with a higher airflow setting. There may also be other technical reasons for wanting to increase the airflow, such as when the air is to be pushed between the trays when they are close together, as with cookie racks, for example.

The desired fan speed can be saved for a recipe in 8 different steps.

Settings Min. Max.
Fans 80 - 140% 80% = 40Hz 140% = 70Hz


Frequency Converters For Fans Rack Ovens Sveba Dahlen