Jonny Yüksel

Jonny Yüksel loves pizza! So much so that, together with his dad and brothers, he has built the restaurant chain I Love Pizza, which, in addition to pizza, serves hearty salads and excellent kebab dishes. Today, the I Love Pizza restaurant chain consists of no less than 10 restaurants, all located within the Gothenburg area, except for one restaurant in Visby, on the Swedish holiday island of Gotland, situated in the Baltic Sea.

I Love Pizza's main spice is passion, and the rest is a family secret, says Jonny, continuing: But the foundation for our pizzas and other dishes is that we are extremely meticulous in choosing fresh ingredients!

Jonny Yuksel I Love Pizza Pizza Chef Spotlight on Professionals Sveba Dahlen

Jonny knows what he's talking about. It's undoubtedly his careful choices that have led him to gold victories in both Pizza-SM (Swedish champion) and the Nordic championships. He has also served as a jury member in both championships on several occasions, just like in the Pizza Champion Cup in Stockholm 2024. Being selected as a jury member is, if anything, what demonstrates Jonny's expertise in the subject of pizza!

I am truly a real pizza lover, laughs Jonny.

Apart from eating, dreaming, and living pizza, Jonny spends time with his family. He has a wife and four children, plays golf and padel, and enjoys hanging out with friends for a beer or two.

You had the opportunity to meet Jonny and be inspired by this positive pizza chef when he guest-baked at the Sveba Dahlen booth during the Fastfood & Café Fair on February 1, 2024.

Jonny Yuksel Pizza Chef Spotlight on Professionals Sveba Dahlen