Josef Hakimi

Josef Hakimi has, over his 33 years in the pizza industry, evolved into a true master and a legendary figure within the craft. Josef's journey began in 1997 when he opened his first pizzeria, laying the groundwork for a series of outstanding achievements as he was ambitious and honed his skills in the craft.

Josef's dedication and passion for the art of pizza were rewarded with a first-place finish in the Nordic Pizza Championship in 2008, an accomplishment followed by an impressive tenth place in the Pizza European Championship. These successes were just the beginning of an international career that included participation in the World Championships in 2009 and the Pizza Olympics in 2011, where Josef's skills and creativity garnered global attention and recognition.

Josef Hakimi Spotlight on Professionals Pizza Chef Sveba Dahlen

In a groundbreaking move in 2015, Josef became one of the leading forces behind the creation of Sweden's first pizza association and the national pizza team. This initiative has not only revolutionized the Swedish pizza scene by raising the standard and inspiring a new era of pizza competitions, but it has also created a platform for collaboration and innovation within the profession.

Through his extensive work as a judge in pizza competitions since 2009, Josef has contributed his deep knowledge and careful assessment, which has been crucial in maintaining the integrity of the competitions and promoting excellence. His recent involvement in the Nordic Pizza Champion Cup 2024 underscores his tireless commitment to the art of pizza and his role as an invaluable mentor and source of inspiration for the next generation of pizza chefs.

On April 10th, you have the chance to meet Josef Hakimi at the Sveba Dahlen booth at GastroNord, where he will offer both insightful tips and magically delicious pizza throughout the day. Welcome!

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