Depositors, Fillers, Transfer Pumps and Systems for Bakery and Food Production

Hinds-Bock delivers industrial food and bakery production equipment for depositing, portioning, filling, and pumping everything from smooth sauces and batters, to thick fruit fillings, dessert toppings, and marinades. Produces high-quality equipment which streamlines the industrial production line. Can deliver all from single transfer pumps to fully automated productions lines. 

Typical applications Hinds-Bock equipment can be used for:

  • Most types of batter with and without inclusions.
  • Delicate creams and custards.
  • Chunky fillings for fruit pies and Danish.

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Custom Bakery Equipment Solutions

Hinds-Bock is known for manufacturing a large family of industrial muffin, cake, and sweet goods batter depositors. These custom bakery equipment solutions can range from stand-alone depositors to complete 5000 kg per hour production lines manufacturing sweet and savory goods. Industrial high speed, cantilevered depositors are designed to work over conveyors in production bakeries. These industrial depositors are available in many customized configurations and are all tailored to meet the specific needs of the customers project. 


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Food Grade Transfer Pumps

Hinds-Bock Piston Transfer Pumps move hot or cold flowable liquid products and mixtures from mixing, holding or cooking vessels to filling machines. Available in two sizes, pump volume per minute depending on product characteristics, piping configuration and model. Inherently low shear, gentle piston pumping action with wide, open ports and valves and large sanitary fittings allows pumping of large soft chunks and particulates without bridging or crushing.

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Piston fillers / depositors

Hinds-Bock Single and Dual Piston Filler/Depositors are well-proven in the food processing industry. They are easy to clean and operate, and are versatile and gentle on all products and provide immediate cost-saving results. Large port openings permit filling of chunky ingredients without crushing. These labor-saving single piston fillers and depositors improve your quality and consistency when depositing large, delicate particulates without damaging the particulate.
Great for accurate filling or depositing into trays, bottles, cans, pouches, or targeted spot depositing.

Hinds-Bock Large Capacity Single & Dual Piston Filler/Depositors are especially designed for the institutional packer. These are classic workhorses of the food processing industry. Easy to clean and operate and versatile and gentle on all products, providing immediate cost-saving results. Large port openings permit filling of chunky ingredients without crushing. Because of the large port openings and gentle internal passages, these machines are ideal for delicate products such as 4+1 sliced or whole strawberries, fruit fillings, deli salads and vegetable fillings. These machines are available in several different sizes and configurations to match the throughput requirements.

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Hinds-Bock delivers both table top depositors for bakery and high capacity automatic depositors for industrial production. 

Hinds-Bock multi piston tabletop batter depositors are the answer for bakers with limited space. Handling all batters with gentle care, they maintain the integrity of quality products.These simple-to-operate tabletop batter depositors are the economical, maintenance-free workhorses of the smaller bakery. They can handle a wide variety of pan configurations such as muffin, cupcake, snack cakes and rounds with simple and fast changeover.

The Hinds Bock Portable Batter Depositor is an industrial batter depositor designed and manufactured for decades of reliable use. Many features designed for high capacity wholesale bakeries are built into the system.

Hinds-Bock Auto Answer Automatic Depositors are available in several different configurations depending on product requirements. They are ideal for wholesale bakeries and school commissaries. They feature simple hand-wheel depositing height adjustments and are available in several different configurations depending on product requirements. The large product path ports enable the machine to handle thick, viscous batters with or without particulates, producing an extremely clean cut-off. The Auto-Answer is available in six and eight across formats depending upon pan configuration, and features PLC with recipe memory for various bakery pans. Optional equipment includes pan oilers, paper cup denesters and toppers.