Bakery equipment and complete lines for the bread and bun industry

Stewart Systems delivers bakery equipment, offering complete lines for the High-Volume Bread and Bun industry. The lines of Stewart Systems handle the baking process all the way from Make-up Equipment to Basket Stacking & Unstacking.

The company is best known for its conveyorized proof and bake systems as it offers the most uniform bake in the industry for high volume bread and roll products baked in a pan. This is because every pan follows the same path coupled with the most advanced combustion and air recirculation systems that can be found in industrial ovens today. Stewart strives to provide the lowest cost of ownership and an outstanding user experience.

  • Make-up Lines
  • Conveyorized Proofers
  • Conveyorized Ovens
  • Pan Conveyors and Handling Equipment
  • Product Conveyors
  • Product Coolers (continuous and helimatic)
  • Packaging Equipment
Stewart Systems full line bakery equipment Middleby

Make-Up Equipment

Stewart System offers full make-up line equipment with a variety of end products. They offer all from mixing to dough extrusion, rounding, moulding and fermentation in fermentation rooms. Handling the dough in a gentle way to form perfect dough products.

For example the bun makeup system includes a bread and bun dough extrusion divider that is both gentle and high speed. The hygienic machine offers ease of access and a tool-free design. The company’s latest generation dividers have large diameter polymer double screws. A slower rotation provides gentler dough handling while maintaining scaling accuracy. Lunar dimpled rounder bars create true round dough balls. Forms hot dog buns.

Conveyorized Proofers

The Stewart Systems proofer utilizes a downdraft conditioning unit as well as a Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) loop that continuously monitors and controls dry and wet bulb temperatures, ensuring that the relative humidity stays within close limits.

Conveyorized Ovens

Stewart Systems is the manufacturer of the largest Conveyorized Oven in the world.
Our exclusive design boasts many patents including;The Chevron Burner©, Recirculation Convection System© and Magnetic Grid Transportation System©. This system is also driven on the largest, most robust chain in the industry. Utilizing market leading technologies to deliver the highest standard of product quality and consistency for high-volume baking.

Depanners / Delidders

The Stewart Systems depanner / delidder is an engineered solution for the gentle and efficient removal of bread, buns and, similar baked products. Available in a range of sizes and configurations, the unit provides continuous, controlled separation of the product, pan, and optional lid flows. The optional delidder mounts easily to the depanner frame.

Packaging Equipment

Stewart Systems offers a variety of packaging equipment which increases productivity, including the Pillo-Pak which is a high speed bulk-packaging solution which is able to arrange, slice and bulk package up to 1,200 buns per minute. The MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) which uses gas and sealing technology that increase sthe shelf life for packed goods (buns) by lowering free water in the package.

Product Coolers

Stewart Systems offers a complete line of endless belt, ambient and forced product coolers including Monoflex racetrack style, Helimatic double helix spriral style, and Wide Body chain in track style coolers.

The Monoflex conveyor cools product while continuously conveying it without intermediate transfer points. The energy efficient, multi-tier, multi-loop, ceiling mounted design leaves the floor space below free for other use. Each system is custom-engineered to provide you with the exact number of tiers, loops, and footage that you require.

The Heli-Matic Spiral Conveyor is an endless, conveyor system for cooling of bakery products. The Heli-Matic Cooler features a patented double spiral design to minimize space requirements. Products travel up an outer spiral, and return down an inner spiral. Both the infeed and discharge take place on the bottom tier. This feature allows the cooler to be easily incorporated into most layouts with minimal conveyor requirements.

Product Conveyors

Stewart Systems offers a wide variety of conveyor systems to suit customer requirements, such as pan, lid, basket and product conveying needs.

Stewart Systems conveyors are custom designed for each given application leading to:

  • Better pan and product control
  • Smooth starting, stopping and metering
  • Proper accumulation of pans and product ensuring desired output is met
  • Closer transfer using powered rollers to avoid pan or product jerking during travel

The different types of conveyor systems offered by Stewart Systems are:

  • Plastic Conveyors
  • Multiflex Conveyors
  • Wendway Conveyors

Pan/Lid Handling
Product Handling
Basket/Box Handling

Pan & Lid Handling

Stewart Systems offers a variety of pan and lid handling systems, including the Robotic Lid System, the Robotic Storage and the Robotic Pan Unstacker.  The Robotic Pan Unstacker is designed to automatically unstack multiple pans per cycle and deliver them to the pan system from storage.

The Pan Relidder will automatically place lids on bread pans as they are conveyed from the proofer to the oven. It operates at speeds up to 40 pans per minute. The Relidder is adjustable for lid widths and pan heights, and it can handle up to six strap pan lids.


Horizontal Switches

The high speed, flexible design, and multiple in-feed and discharge lane capabilities make the Stewart Switch best in class for high speed product handling applications.

Multiple flow configurations can easily;

  • Merge and / or divert across multiple lanes
  • Combine from multiple to fewer lanes
  • Distribute from fewer to multiple lanes
  • Equal or surpass your production speed requirements