Ideal fermentation for a minimum of effort

Ideal fermentation for a minimum of effort

We are now launching the proofing cabinet of the future—the F-series’ new F500! The F-series range of dough proofing cabinets belongs to a new generation of proofers jointly developed with bakers from all over the world. High priority has been given to smart functions to simplify and streamline everyday workflows at the bakery. The F500 not only provides full control of the entire fermentation process but it is also very user-friendly and features well-thought-through choices for the control panel and for easy cleaning, energy efficiency and long service life.The proofing cabinet also comes in a black model and is being launched in 8 sizes. Its design embodies the same good qualities as its predecessor, Fermatic Q4, but the proofing cabinet is now optimized to meet future demands for good fermentation properties.

- We’ve focused our product-development process on optimizing the utility value for bakers: the cabinet must be flexible and quick to clean, and its fermentation, dough retarding and freezing settings must be easily adjustable, says Ion Folea, R&D Manager, Sveba Dahlen.

The F500 is designed to meet today’s stringent demands on baking machines for energy efficiency and user-friendliness; at the same time, it must be able to readily handle stressful, high-paced conditions. Therefore, the walls of F-series cabinets are also insulated with tight-fitting 80 mm of polyurethane foam which possesses unsurpassed insulation properties. The sturdy cabinet doors are equipped with large, insulating double-glazed panes, which are not only energy-efficient, but provide fine views of cabinet contents. When the doors open, fans and humidifiers stop automatically, thereby reducing energy consumption and improving the bakery’s working environment.

- We’ve also given high priority to fast installation and simplifying the maintenance processes,” Ion Folea continues, “This makes everything run as smooth as possible and minimizes downtime, both for initial installation and subsequent maintenance.”

The optimized fermentation process is not only more energy efficient, but also quieter. Speed adjustment and demand-driven fans process the dough so just the right amount of air is circulating inside the cabinet. Parameters such as cooling, heating and humidity control the fans in each program phase, running the fan at just the right speed. Heating and humidity are pulse controlled to facilitate precise climate control.

- We’ve also taken great pains to provide plenty of light: vertical LED strips mimic natural daylight inside the cabinet, illuminating the rack trolleys and providing good views of the dough on all trolley sheets—features required by almost every baker we’ve talked to. Therefore we’re particularly pleased to provide these in the F500, says Åsa Ericsson, Marketing Manager, Sveba Dahlen.

The F500 is made of sturdy materials, and its top-quality, tried-and-tested components guarantee the cabinet’s performance and long service life. Stainless-steel drain valve and baking trays will withstand the stress and strain of bakery production time and time again.

Welcome to our world of fermentation opportunities!