See the new S-Series at SIBA, in Seoul, South Korea on November 20 - 23.

We are going to Seoul, in South Korea on November 20 - 23 to attend SIBA (Seoul International Bakery Fair).
We will participate our distributor, KoTES Co.,Ltd stands C900 and C901.
Seoul International Bakery Fair is one of the largest and most important exhibitions of its kind in East Asia with
visitors from all over the world. In the KoTES stand at the exhibition, it will be possible to see some of our ovens.

Sveba Dahlen Mini Rack Oven - S-Series SRP130
Don't miss the preview of the NEW S-Series! The new S-Series is a small, very flexible oven with the efficiency and functions of a industrial oven, which makes it perfect as an in-store oven. At SIBA we will show the new SRP130 rack oven  with underbuilt proofer. The new S-Series has IBS - our own patented system for alternating rotation of the rack inside the oven, The NEW SD-Connect Panel, strong insulatation with large double glass window, an effective steam-system with high capacity and much more. Feel the power of the new S-Series - Don't miss it at the fair! Available for order in 2020.

Sveba Dahlen Deck Oven - D-Series D32E
The D-Series is a reliable deck oven that works for both confectionary and bakeries. The D-Series consists of robust, reliable and energy-efficient ovens with double temperature sensors to ensure an even heat distribution throughout the oven interior, which gives excellent baking results. The model selection is broad, which makes the series suitable for different types and sizes of bakery. The deck oven is also modular, allowing the possible addition of up to five decks.

Sveba Dahlen Electrical Rack Oven - C-Series C250
Come and see our world class electrical oven without any fossil fuel combustion, which means that they are more environmentally friendly. The C-Series are flexible rack ovens with low energy consumption, fantastic baking results, with clean energy! Our machines are also mainly recyclable, about 96% of the components in our machines can be recycled, since they mainly consist of steel and other metals.   

See it all on SIBA on November 20 - 23, Welcome!