Science of Sourdough Home Edition at BIC - Plano, Texas

Science of Sourdough Home Edition at Middleby Baking Innovation Center

This class is for the baker wanting a deeper understanding of sourdough systems and the microorganisms within. The Home Edition covers the same science as its parent course while practicing small batch and manual methods suited to the cottage bakery or home kitchen. In the scientific spirit, more time is devoted to lecture compared with other Guild baking classes, and concepts are brought to life through tasting, demonstration and hands-on portions so that students can see the connection between what they’re learning in the classroom and pulling from the oven. Discussions on fermentation and acidity include some simple chemistry, so while it’s not a requirement, a general understanding of what atoms, molecules, and bonds are would be helpful. Lecture and discussion topics range from factors that influence sourdough microorganisms and the effects they produce, to troubleshooting tools and development strategies.

Debra Wink is a microbiologist by education, medical technologist by profession, and baker by passion. It was studying her own starters in the laboratory and experimenting with natural leavening that led to searching the literature for answers; then translating science into lay language and real-world application. Her articles have appeared in Bread Lines, Fideles au bon pain, and |P|A|N| Revista.

Maurizio Leo is the engineer-turned-baker behind the award-winning website The Perfect Loaf. He is a self-taught home baker that approaches baking from an analytical perspective, while still preserving the time-honored craft of baking bread by hand. Maurizio’s focus is on naturally-leavened bread, pastry, and pizza. More often than not, his bread includes freshly milled grains of all types.

Course date: March 14-15, 2020 Saturday 9-5, Sunday 9-5.
Registration deadline: March 6, 2020.

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