N-Series - Press Release

Compact Baking Brilliance!

We are now launching professional baking with limited space, packaged as a brilliant table top oven – the N-Series. The model is exclusively designed for all those baking nerds – both professionals and amateurs – who we know are out there dreaming of being able to bake with smaller volumes in a limited space, but still enjoy the benefits of a professional oven. With the N-Series, you can achieve perfect results, whether it’s pizza, bread or other pastries. Simply put, the N-Series is the Sveba Dahlen brand packaged in a compact stone and pizza oven of the highest quality. As always, the oven is robust, user-friendly and energy-efficient. It is also equipped with an advanced steam system that gives the same results as with a bigger oven.

“With the N-oven, we envision being able to introduce Sveba Dahlen in a more easy-to-handle format than ever before. This exclusive model contains all those elements that elevate a Sveba Dahlen product, and it will be seen in our showrooms around the world,” says Åsa Ericsson, Head of Marketing at Sveba Dahlen. “Its compact design means that it can fit on a regular countertop, which opens up new possibilities for those looking to bake professionally in a limited space,” she says.

When the oven was displayed as a prototype for the first time in 2018 at the major bakery fair IBA in Germany, it generated immense interest. Aside from the sleek design, there was a lot of buzz about the attention to detail such as the ergonomic and robust handle, energy-efficient and insulated triple-glazed window, and the high flexibility for baking.

Plug & Play, or should we say plug & bake! Welcome to Sveba Dahlen – your partner in successful baking!

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