Conical Dough Rounder - CR600

Conical Rounder CR600 with extra robust outfeed conveyor with high stability and variable height (option)

A very flexible and high capacity conical rounder for all kind of bakeries, suitable for most types of dough. Capacity up to 6000 pieces per hour and weight range between 30 and 1800 grams. The cone and tracks has non-stick coating which makes it easy to keep clean.The conical rounder has two individually adjustable rounding sections that processes the dough for ultimate rounding and optimized result. The cone rounder can be equipped with a wide range of utilities to fit most productions, mechanical flour duster, hot- and cold air blowing unit, variable cone speed, oiling of cone and outfeed conveyor. Perfect rounding of dough with Glimek conical rounder CR600.

Flexible Dough Weight

Long Rounding Length


Machine that is easy to move

High Capacity

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Capacity up to 6000 pcs/h subject to dough piece weight and characteristics.

Weight range 30-1800 g, subject to capacity and dough characteristics.

Wide variety of options make it possible to meet the customer demand.

Flexible setup.

Flexible regarding type of dough.

Special designed infeed track catches the dough in a smooth and gently way, manually adjusted.

Individual adjustable settings for rounding tracks and merging tracks:
- Centrally adjustable rounding tracks (conical part).
- Manually adjustable merger tracks (cylindrical part).

Long rounding length, up to 8 m depending on infeed position.

Non-stick coating on cone and tracks for ultimate rounding.

Cone with grooves for optimized grip.

Hygienic materials, easy to clean due to adjustable tracks and stainless steel execution.

Outfeed chute with small dimples for better outfeed properties.

Flexible layout with possible infeed track at 3, 6 or 9 o'clock.

Operation panel easily accessible from both sides.

Handle on left or right hand side.

Stainless steel frame and cover.

Robust construction with strong frame, steady support feet and high quality premium castors.

Stainless steel castors with bearings and blue plastic.

Blue plastic track bottom plate.

Blue plastic parts for better detection and food safety.

Cable suspension underneath facilitates cleaning.

High safety with two emergency stops with easy access from both sides

Easy to install.

Outfeed always at 12 o'clock.
Standard infeed at 6 o'clock.
Optional infeed at 3 or 9 o'clock.


  • Flour Duster in stainless steel, adjustable with easy on-off function.
  • Hot and Cold air blowing unit (affects power supply, plus 2,3kW, totally 3,8kW).
  • Variable cone speed with frequency converter.
  • Infeed at 3 or 9 o'clock.
  • Oiling device, pneumatic, with up to 7 nozzles depending on infeed position. Compressed air required 6 bar.
  • Extra robust outfeed conveyor with high stability and variable height instead of standard outfeed chute.
  • Variable speed for outfeed conveyor.
  • Extension for outfeed chute.
  • Extension chute for outfeed conveyor - short.
  • Extension chute for outfeed conveyor - long.
  • Height extension 80 mm, stainless steel.
  • Height extension 160 mm, stainless steel.

Key features

Flour dusters for conical rounders dough lines, bread lines, energy efficient, robust and effective

Flour Duster

Mechanical Flour Duster in stainless steel, adjustable with easy on-off function. Easy to adjust to fit needs. Variable flour dusting from 0 to 8400 grams per hour. Holds up to 4500 grams of flour. Easy to clean and maintain. 
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Operation panel

User-friendly operation panel. Easy accessible from both sides of machine, wheel for adjustment of tracks can be placed either on left or right side.

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Technical Specifications

Technical Details  
Subject to dough piece weight and characteristics
Up to 6000 pieces/hour.
Weight Range
(subject to dough piece weight and characteristics)
30 - 1800 g
Fuse (amp) 16A
Power Supply 1.5 kW (3.8 kW with hot and cold air blowing unit)