Dough Divider SD600 with smart and user-friendly touch panel Glimek

Touch Panel for Dough Divider SD600

User-friendly 8" touch panel with smart functions:

  • Set the dough pieces.
  • Set production speed - pcs/hour.
  • Conveyor belt speed . set the speed of the outfeed conveyor in relation to the main motor.
  • Piece counter - Shows set number of pieces, pieces produced remaining and estimated time left.
  • Set the number of active measuring chambers.
  • Save programs / recipes with desired name.
  • Date and time.
  • Shows runtime, runtime service, count total and count service.
  • Set service timer.
  • Weight reference function.
  • See statistics.
  • Sound signal, alarms when program is finished.
  • Automatic warning function, automatically stops the machine.
  • Warning function with alarm sound.
  • Adjust number of cycles between lubrication.
  • Adjust the time during which the dividers' scraper stays in its lowest position before rising again.
  • Language selection.