Tunnel Pizza Oven - TP Infinity

TP Infinity TP41 4 deck tunnel pizza oven

The Sveba Dahlen electric Tunnel Pizza Oven TP Infinity is versatile and quick for large volumes. It is truly a flexible commercial pizza oven suitable for a restaurant demanding for a continuous pizza production with maintained working environment. The oven is easily adapted for various capacity requirements, which means that you adapt the tunnel pizza oven to the demand in the serving. Notice that this pizza oven also is ideal for baking products such as pies and pita bread, as well as for making dishes such as hamburgers, fish and hot dogs. Baking time between 2-15 minutes. One can say it is a cooking oven! The oven is extremely energy efficient, very quiet (one of the most quite tunnel ovens on the market), compact and well insulated, providing high capacity in a small space.

With temperatures up to 400°C / 752°F, stepless setting on touch screen of baking times, and up to four individual sections vertically the tunnel pizza oven makes it possible to get high capacity both as regards the numbers as well as the variation of the products which can be baked.

The tunnel pizza oven design is optimized to offer great flexibility and efficient pizza baking also having energy efficiency in mind. The energy-saving mode can be activated when the oven is not in use. Combined with the rapid heating it reaches the right temperature quickly in time for work. 

The modular design makes it possible to extend the oven when the business i growing. It can be extended up to three decks which means that you as a customer do not have to buy the largest model right now if you are unsure of the volume in your restaurant at the beginning.


Control Panel

Modular design

Modular expandable design sveba dahlen

Low Noise Level

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Steam canopy at infeed and outfeed (not on TP10, TP20).
Creates a good work environment. 

Stepless adjustment of top and bottom heating, and stepless adjustment of 
baking time between 2 and 15 minutes.
Easy to understand and use, giving full control over the baking process. 

Aluminum legs (adjustable for tabletop use of TP10,TP20) with wheels.
Make it easier to move the oven.

Three standard widths with up to three or four (TP41) sections in height.
Possibility to make different dishes in the individual decks. Suitable for most pizza sizes.

Stainless steel exterior and well-insulated oven chamber.
Keeps the heat inside and maintains a lower temperature on the outside. 

Panel with large and clear symbols.
Provides good control and makes it easy to set the right time and adjust the temperature up to 400°C / 752°F in each zone. 

Oven chamber with two different zones.
The temperatures of the top and bottom heating are controlled separately for each zone, resulting in even baking.

Energy-saving mode.
Can be activated when the oven is not in use, saving money and reducing 
environmental impact. 

Save up to 10 oven recipes in the panel.
User-friendly control panel with touch display simplifies the work of the user.

Turbo function for rapid heating. 
Reaches the right temperature quickly. 

Additional bar at the end of slide grate.

Removable infeed and outfeed tray.

Stainless steel mesh conveyor.

Baking time 2-15 minutes.

Max baking temperature 400°C / 752°F.


  • Draft diverter for 585 mm (TPX1)
    (maintains a uniform temperature)
  • Draft diverter for 900 mm (TPX2)
    (maintains a uniform temperature)
  • Short baking time 42 sec – 5.5 minutes

Key features


Technical Specifications

BELT WIDTH 381 mmTP10 TP20  
Number of decks12  
Recommended number of pizza trays 4 pcs8 pcs  
Fuse (amp)25A32A  
Power, kW9.518.5  
Extra deck   o   o  
Weight kg160275  
BELT WIDTH 585 mmTP11 TP21TP31TP41
Number of decks1234
Recommended number of pizza trays 8 pcs16 pcs24 pcs32 pcs
Fuse (amp)25A40A63A2 x 40A
Power, kW1224362 x 24
Extra deck    o   o   o     -
Weight kg240380510650
BELT WIDTH 900 mmTP12 TP22TP32 
Number of decks123 
Recommended number of pizza trays 12 pcs24 pcs36 pcs 
Fuse (amp)32A63A80A 
Power, kW183654 
Extra deck   o   o   o 

o = Available.
- = Not available

Width with spacer (mm)730*730*113711371137
Spacer width (mm)--626262
Depth (mm)15501550185018501850
Height with legs (mm)599 - 637939 - 977135016901830
Leg height (mm)82 - 120**82 - 120**735735535
Conveyor belt width (mm)381381585585585
Infeed plate (mm) [1]max 390max 390max 390max 390max 390
Outfeed plate (mm) [1]max 390max 390max 390max 390max 390


Width with spacer (mm)1137145214521452
Spacer width (mm)62626262
Depth (mm)1850185018501850
Height with legs (mm)2109135016901830
Leg height (mm)434735735535
Conveyor belt width (mm)585900900900
Infeed plate (mm) [1]max 390max 390max 390max 390
Outfeed plate (mm) [1]max 390max 390max 390max 390


* No spacers on TP10, TP20
** Leg height for TP10, TP 20 is adjustable in height: 82-120 mm.

[1] Infeed plate and outfeed plate are detachable, all models can be equipped with both infeed- and outfeed plates.



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