[h]arina - an inspirational cafe movement in the heart of Madrid

The owner of [h]arina started her first cafe six years ago in Recoletos, central Madrid. The cafe has many visitors, both regulars and tourists. Pastries and simple dishes are offered to the guests. The concept has developed over the years and now there are four [h]arina cafes – each one having become a real success story!

They have chosen to install Sveba-Dahlen ovens in all of their cafes, one of which is located in the popular El Corte Inglés in Sol, the center of Madrid.

- “Sveba-Dahlen maintain a high standard. The oven produces an even bake quality on all levels. The fact that it is a reliable oven and Sveba-Dahlen offers high-level service are important factors for me, since I am running my own business and my customers expect the best,” says the owner of [h]arina.