ie Sanna - a picturesque family bakery in one of Madrid's residential quarters

They found the place and started to plan for their business.

- “It's really been a hard, strenuous job,” says the bakery's owner “but it has been worth every drop of sweat!”

The owner tells us how investing in the ovens was a tough decision. They currently use an oven from the S-Series as well as a little deck oven – but it was worth every cent. “The ovens haven't gone wrong once and they provide great results. This is clear from the fact many customers have become regulars”. The bakery has become so popular that they have plans to take over the next door premises and expand to create new places to sit.

- “As I lived in Sweden for many years, I know I can trust the Swedish quality. Our contact with Luis Montes at the Sveba-Dahlen Spanish offices has been fantastic. Whenever we had questions or comments, they came round straight away and showed us what to do. That's really good service!”

The ovens are used throughout the day, where they work following the “bake-off” method. This means that it always smells of freshly baked goods in the shop, whilst guaranteeing the customers fresh bread – all day long. The bakery currently has four employees and all of them can easily use the oven. This makes it easier for them to make all types of bake-off products.

- “It'll be a Sveba-Dahlen oven next time too. But this time, I'll have a bigger rack oven and I'm even thinking about installing eco+”.