Tartalia - an expanding cake company

In Madrid's Poligono Vallecas Sur district, you'll find José Calero Martínez's company, Tartalia. Their business idea is to sell pre-baked cakes across the entire Madrid area. The company has 30 franchises that have cakes and pastries delivered to their patisseries every day.

All cakes are baked in the Sveba-Dahlen V-Series V-51. They are really happy with the oven as the baking results are even over all of the baking racks – which is of course vital for a moist and beautiful cake.

Around 4,000 cakes are baked every day – and all must be of the utmost quality. José also talks about how during the festive season, over three days they can bake as much as 55,000 cakes – the “Roscón de Reyes” a special cake that is traditionally found in every Spanish home at Christmas.