The family bakery that delivers to the west region of Sweden

The family-owned bakery Tjörnbagarn was founded in 1985. Today, the bakery is owned and operated by the third generation of bakers—brothers Johan Carlsson and Mathias Niklasson. The delivery bakery is situated on the west coast of Sweden in the community of Stenungsund and generates roughly EUR 3 million in revenue per year. Its 30 employees make sure the bakery delivers baked goods daily to local shops and municipal environments, but also customers within a radius of roughly 100 kilometers. In addition to this, they also have online ordering.

The bakery is certified for EU organic production and IP Food (Swedish certification scheme). The bakery bakes a wide variety of products such as bread, teacakes, bread wreaths, and sweet buns, but also traditional savory sandwich cakes (smörgåstårtor), as well as assorted pastries and cakes. Neither bread nor buns contain nuts or almonds and the baked goods are also baked using rapeseed oil and water to widen their appeal.

Tjörnbagarn has been a loyal customer of Sveba Dahlen for generations. That is why, when it was time for an upgrade in 2015, the choice fell on the I-Series industrial ovens. An important factor in choosing an oven was obviously perfect baking results, even when baking bread with a high sugar content and short baking time. As the bakery also bakes products that require steam, it was crucial that the oven generate the right quantity and quality of steam and that it was sufficiently robust to withstand this type of strain for many years to come. Today, the bakery has five I60 ovens, accompanied by Sveba Dahlen proofers, Glimek dough dividers, and Glimek conical rounders.

- We are very happy with our choice of bakery machines! The ovens are easy to use for everyone working at the bakery, which is nice, says Johan.

We wish Tjörnbagarn all the best with their baking and we leave the bakery and its delightful scent of freshly baked goods.