Sveba Dahlen - a part of Middleby

Sveba Dahlen is part of the American, Nasdaq-listed Middleby Corporation, a worldwide manufacturer of bakery solutions, catering equipment, household appliances and systems for industrial food processing and packaging. The group consists of more than 100 brands in the three business sectors Food Processing, Food Service and Beverage and Residential, and has over 10,000 employees in 100 countries worldwide.

Middleby has its headquarters in Elgin, Illinois, and annual net sales of approximately $2.3 billion. One of every three restaurants in the world uses Middleby equipment. If you've had anything to eat or drink today, there's a good chance Middleby played a part in the preparation of your meal.

Sveba Dahlen is a part of Middleby Food Processing

This is Middleby

Middleby Corporation was founded in 1888 by Joseph Middleby and John Marshall.  The Chicago-based company produced ovens for the bakery industry. Over the next sixty years, the company developed into an industry leader through its innovations, and in the 60s and 70s the ovens were modernized for industrial production. During the 80s, Middleby revolutionized the bakery industry with the first stackable oven. In 1989, it acquired its first major company. Since then, the company has made many acquisitions that have contributed to fantastic international expansion worldwide and positioned Middleby as a world leader in the food industry.

The Sveba Dahlen Group, which consists of the three brands Sveba Dahlen, Glimek and Varimixer was acquired in 2017. Through the Middleby Corporation, opportunities have increased for collaboration within the group, for reaching out to new markets and for being able to offer additional solutions for our customers on the Swedish market, such as fast-food ovens from American TurboChef and proofers from Italian Desmon, which both are part of Middleby.

Middleby Food Processing

Sveba Dahlen is part of Middleby Food Processing, which consists of 27 strong brands in industrial processing, baking, and packaging, and focuses on five categories to cover the entire industry – processing and preparation, thermal processing, slicing, loading and packaging, industrial baking as well as facility automation and equipment sanitation. Through collaboration between the different companies, Middleby can offer unique solutions with complete turnkey systems for entire production chains, from preparation to baking, packaging, refrigeration, and loading, all designed to optimally meet customer needs.

Sveba Dahlen also has operations in the Middleby Bakery Group, where the collective expertise of the companies in the group is mutually beneficial to all. This means that Sveba Dahlen can provide complete solutions in industrial baking for the Swedish bakery and restaurant market with, for example refrigeration systems from Danish Scanico or enrober and packaging solutions from American Burford.

The best solution for the customer

At Middleby, all companies and brands have preserved their special culture and expertise, the very thing that has enabled the brand to develop over the years into what it is today. Thanks to Middleby, the opportunities for our customers are strengthened when it comes to faster product development, exciting innovations, and broadened product assortments.

Middleby customers can always be sure that they're getting the best solutions for their company, either with fully tailored systems or individual machines.

Sveba Dahlen Bakery Equipment Ovens Part of Middleby

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