We are ambitious

Our goal is to be the best partner for our distributors. This means that we want to be part of the future by pursuing modern baking technology. We provide the right equipment for professional baking businesses striving for perfect results.

In the field of baking technology, development has continuously been driven forward by thoroughly researching methods in the areas of technology, energy, and baking, and in terms of chemistry, knowledge and experience of the ingredients. Sveba Dahlen has produced a number of patented baking technology solutions.

We delivered the first tunnel oven as early as 1955!

In 1963, we invented the first rotating rack oven with IBS (Increased Baking Surface), which revolutionized baking results at the time and actually changed baking techniques. Even today, our rack ovens are made with rotating racks, albeit using more refined technology. IBS means that more energy is supplied to the oven in less time without damaging the bread surface. Shorter baking time prevents the bread from drying out and increases the shelf life in the store.

Cascad is our in-house-developed steam system whose service life is just as long as the oven’s. It has very high capacity based on the principle that water “cascades” over a number of aluminum rods. Aluminum’s good heat-conductivity properties enable the rods to be quickly “loaded” with thermal energy. Then the right amount of energy is supplied to the water to form just the right amount of water vapor. Cascad exploits aluminum’s conductivity, and therefore does not have so-called nozzle holes which could otherwise get easily clogged by calcium in the water.

In 1971, we manufactured the first pizza oven in our history and delivered it to NK inredningar in Stockholm.

eco+ means highly efficient hardware, energy-optimized software and a durable choice of materials. We were one of the first to consider environmental efficiency! Today, eco+ is a natural part of our machinery, and we manufacture all our products to be as energy efficient as possible.

The Sveba Connect cloud solution is the latest of our creative inventions. This cloud service allows us to once again lead the way for industrial baking of the future!

Our goal is still to deliver perfect baking results and enable baking processes of the future together with our distributors and bakers around the world.

Sveba Dahlen ambitious