S-Series - Press Release

When baking becomes a show!

We are now launching the new S-Series – a compact and flexible rack oven with an industrial feel! 

Ever since pen was first put to paper to design our new S-Series ovens, the goal has been to give bakers around the world the best modern and compact rack oven that delivers in terms of both baking results and possibilities as an industrial oven. It also has to look good and be ergonomic! After several years of sketching, prototypes, development and rigorous testing in a wide variety of baking environments, in different countries, we now dare to say that in all likelihood we offer the best compact rack oven in the world! The series includes three different sizes of rack oven and two different sizes of proofer.

The new S-Series has been meticulously designed, taking into account both ease of use and energy efficiency.

“Baking results have, of course, been a priority in work to develop our new S-Series ovens,” says Ion Folea, R&D Manager at Sveba Dahlen. “However, a particular area of focus has been the development of specific details, such as making the oven easy to install, easy to service and easy to clean.  Another important element has been creating a design with a small footprint, to enable it to fit into most smaller baking environments.”

The rack oven is equipped with a brand new type of high-quality, high-capacity steam package, where the relationship between airflow, temperature, speed and volume has been carefully calculated to ensure the oven makes best use of these interactions and delivers a professional baking result. Its ultramodern digital touch panel, SD Touch II, is used to program the oven’s advanced settings. 

“The flexible mini rack oven of the future is making its debut in conjunction with the launch of our new S-Series,” says Åsa Ericsson, Marketing Manager at Sveba Dahlen. “This oven can, for example, be connected to our cloud service solution Sveba Connect. This means that the baker has complete control over the entire baking process, as well as recipe settings and spare parts management. Consequently, bakers can now avoid costly and unforeseen downtime and distribute recipes between all connected ovens at the touch of a button.”

The S-Series also has a proofer under the oven, which is adapted to suit the needs of each model of rack oven. Work on the proofer has run parallel to that on the rack oven, and the result is a carefully designed proofer that offers an exceptionally even proving process that neither dries out the dough nor leaves it over-fermented.

“Our engineers, together with the company Alpha Solutions, whose employees are experts in designing heat technology, have developed a new type of steam generator called the Effective Humidity Distribution System, or EHDS for short,” says Ion Folea. “The system keeps the heat at the right temperature throughout the proving process and offers bakers a smooth process with perfect proving results.”

The proofer is equipped with a separate digital panel, with a clear interface and easy-to-use settings. The combination of rack oven and proofer offers bakeries a complete oven, where doughs can be proved underneath the oven while the oven itself is baking a wide range of products that are sweet, coarse, light and dense. 

For bakers, the S-Series in short makes day-to-day work into a show, as its unique design is appealing, its rotating rack and soft lights are attractive, and its baking results are the best on the market!

For more information, please contact Åsa Ericsson, Marketing Manager at Sveba Dahlen.

E-mail: aer@sveba.com

Phone: +46 725 32 55 80


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