Electric Pizza Oven High Temp NOW with 2 decks!

Bake neapolitan pizza with Sveba Dahlen electric pizza oven 500 degrees 932 degrees with 2 decks

Now we are launching our electric high temperature pizza oven High Temp with two decks! Two high temperature decks maximize efficiency without taking up extra floor space in the restaurant. 

With Sveba Dahlen’s 500°C / 932°F High Temp pizza oven, it is possible to change your pizza concept overnight, meeting your customers’ demands for exclusive Neapolitan pizzas. Of course, it is also possible to heat and cook other products in the oven, such as lavash bread, flatbread, pita bread, lasagna and much more besides.


Rapid heating and baking

When baking Neapolitan pizzas at up to 500°C / 932°F, the pizza is baked in 60 to 120 seconds, depending on the choice of topping. The oven’s high-quality heating elements incorporate a turbo feature and two temperature sensors, which heat the oven chamber with the aid of three heating zones: top, bottom and front.


High Temp pizza oven – a smart and environmentally aware choice

The High Temp pizza oven is a smart choice for the pizzeria in many ways. In addition to the versatility offered by two high temperature decks, the electric oven is quick to start, easy to operate and easy to maintain. 

The High Temp electric oven can easily be programmed, specifying when the oven is to start up and temperature to which it is to be heated. This means that the oven can be heated and is ready to bake as soon as the baker arrives at the restaurant. There is no additional preparatory work in the form of lighting firewood etc., which is required for a wood-fired oven. 

The oven incorporates high-quality materials and components, providing it with a long service life and ensuring safe operation and fantastic baking results over and over again. The oven also has a low carbon footprint as it is fossil-free.

Depending on the desired baking temperature, the oven is ready to use after around 30–45 minutes’ heating. The heat is distributed quickly and efficiently to reach the right temperature and this is retained throughout baking.

The oven has high-quality, fully welded and well-insulated oven chambers that effectively retain the heat, resulting in lower energy consumption and a more comfortable working environment. 


Expand your pizza range in September

The oven can be ordered from September 1st, and what could be a better start to the fall when the pizza season kicks off than a premium pizza oven delivering fantastic, evenly baked Neapolitan pizzas? 

With the High Temp pizza oven, you can change your pizza concept overnight. The oven is available with up to two decks, with space for 6 pizzas per deck. You can always find the right oven for your pizza restaurant, depending on your turnover of Neapolitan pizzas. The oven is easy to install and to learn how to operate, and always comes with a 3-meter cable for quick installation.