Bread Line BL600 - Press Release

Press release, Glimek Bread Line for industrial production

We’re launching our largest and most efficient bread line ever, the Glimek BL600. The BL600 has been developed to accommodate the volume of an industrial bakery. The bread line is powerful and made of sturdy and hygienic materials, such as stainless steel and blue clean line mats.

The bread line can handle dough blanks of 100 – 1,500 grams and can run up to 6,000 pieces per hour, depending on the type and weight of the dough. With a bread line like the BL600, your bakery can achieve even and continuous baking and ensure that the results are always the same.

The Glimek Bread Line BL600 consists of several independent dough handling machines that together make up a whole line. This increases safety on the line, as emergency stops can be easily reached from one location and used to stop the entire production flow. The line includes a dough divider, a conical rounder, an IPP intermediate pocket prover, and either one or two moulders, depending on the production rate.

- With a bread line of this type, we can fulfil the demands of customers who have a high volume of products to be baked off every day and for whom production costs is front of mind. With a bread line, you can slash your manpower needs while increasing your bakery’s efficiency and uniformity,” says Niklas Alricsson, Sales Manager at Sveba Dahlen.

The Glimek Bread Line BL600 will be demonstrated at the IBA trade fair in Munich, Germany, from October 22-26, 2023. Visitors to stand B1.150 will get the chance to see how the line works in practice.

About Glimek

Glimek was founded in 1948 and specializes in customized dough handling equipment. The product segment includes dough lifters, dough containers, dough dividers, conical rounders, IPP intermediate pocket proofers, belt provers, and moulders. The machines can be used separately or assembled into a unique bread line that streamlines work in the bakery.
The Glimek brand is the Nordic market leader in dough handling and a well-established global player, known for durable, stainless steel and robust dough handling lines that are safe and easy to use and which meet international food handling requirements.
Glimek products are manufactured in Fristad, Sweden and are owned and developed by Sveba Dahlen.


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Åsa Ericsson Marketing Manager Phone: +46 725 32 55 80
Niklas Alricsson Sales Manager Phone: +46 705 34 49 34

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