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TP Infinity - Infinite Possibilities, Exceptional Taste: Elevate Your Pizza Experience!

We are happy to present our new tunnel pizza oven, the TP Infinity, which is now also available with four decks. As the name suggests, the TP Infinity is your trusted and faithful servant, always there to bake your dishes with the same great results.

The TP Infinity is a quiet, electric, and thus fossil-free tunnel oven that bakes pizzas, pies and pita bread on a conveyor belt with perfect baking results and completely unsupervised. The TP Infinity is an optimized tunnel oven that is highly efficient and provides substantial flexibility despite its smaller practical dimensions. In addition to baking pizzas, the oven is also perfect for burgers, fish, and sausages, just to mention a few examples.

The TP Infinity is both well-insulated and energy-efficient while providing generous capacity in a small package. The TP tunnel pizza oven can be easily adapted to the dish being baked and the desired volume. With baking temperatures up to 400°C / 725°F, touch-screen settings for baking and up to either three or four individual sections depending on belt width, capacity is high even when baking different types of dishes and their variations. For example, you can bake up to 500 pizzas an hour, depending on the baking time and ingredients.

The pizzas are baked quickly, retain all of their flavor, and have a crispy crust without the toppings drying out. These optimal results are not achieved with fans, but rather with infrared heating alone. The standard baking time is about 2 to 15 minutes depending on what you’re baking, but the oven can also be equipped with a short baking time function, lowering time in the oven down to the range of 42 seconds to 5.5 minutes.

The TP Infinity tunnel pizza oven is modular, which means that you can add decks as your business grows, which is perfect if you’re unsure of the volume you will need when launching a new product or shop, for example. You can also bake different dishes on the different decks – at the same time!

The TP Infinity is an extremely quiet oven, probably one of the quietest on the market, which means a better working environment. It naturally features an energy-saving mode, activated when the oven is not in operation, which saves on energy costs, lessens impact on the environment and improves the working environment. The oven also has a turbo function to quickly get up to operating temperature.

With individual control of the oven's two heating zones, you have full control in consistently getting the right results. Because the vertical dimensions of the oven space are easily adjusted, dishes can range in height between 45 and 85 mm.

[January 02 2024]


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