Industrial Bread Line 450
Heavy duty dough divider for industrial bakeries, high weight accuracy with the Glimek SD600
Conical dough rounder with outfeed conveyor for bakeries shapes dough into regular shaped balls CR600 Glimek
Intermediate pocket proofer prover for resting of dough in bread line dough line IPP glimek
Commercial bakery dough moulder Industrial bakery moulder MO881 for heavy duty continiouos production

The Glimek Bread Line 450 includes robust machines which are designed for consistent and continual production and made of high quality materials that ensures excellent dough and baking results. This powerful bread line has a capacity up to 4500 pieces/hour, a weight range between 100 and 1500 grams and an adaptable proofing time. The bread line is labor saving and the heavy-duty machinery with high quality components, carefully handles the dough for perfect dough and baking results! 


Components Set-up Example

A stainless multi pocket dough divider in 3-pocket or 2/4-pocket execution. Stepless adjustable dough pressure, adjustable while running. Robust chassis for high industrial production. 
• Weight range, two versions: 150-1000 g as 3-pocket and 250-1700 / 100-700 g as 2/4-pocket. 
• Capacity 1500-4500 pcs/h as 3-pocket, 2000-6000 pcs/h  as 4-pocket and 1000-3000 pcs/h as 2-
  pocket (the measuring pistons are easily connected two and two).

A very flexible conical rounder for all kind of bakeries, suitable for most types of dough. Two individually adjustable rounding sections processes the dough for ultimate rounding and an optimal result.
•  Wide weight range 30 – 1500 g.
•  Flexible regarding type of dough.
•  Capacity up to 6000 pcs/h. 
•  Hygienic solutions, easy to clean due to adjustable tracks and stainless steel. 

The DPS Dough Piece Separator, divides the line into two lines to increase the capacity of the breadline. Easy to install and to move.
• Required for increased capacity, up to 4500 pcs/hour.
• Hygienic belt and materials, easy to clean.

The BC250 Belt Conveyor, transports the dough from the Dough Piece Seperator to the Intermediate Pocket Proofer. Easy to move and clean.
•  Gives an opportunity for a final visual review of the dough.
•  Hygienic belt and materials, easy to clean.

One of the most flexible pocket proofers on the market. For 6, 8, 10 or 12 pockets. Modulated for easy adaption in height and depth, available in standard models from 132 up to 1128 effective pockets. Solid construction in stainless steel materials.
• Stainless steel execution - easy to keep clean.
• Flexible layout - choice of infeed position.
• Weight range 100-1500 g. 
• 4 different infeed systems. Capacity 4500 pieces/hour. 
• Modular layout, enlarge the IPP if longer resting time is needed.

The MO881 Moulder, is a robust heavy duty moulder for use in industrial bakeries. Triple moulding head, curling net and double pressure boards.
•  Easy to operate.
•  Easy to set up for a good final moulding result.
•  Dual pressure boards enables industrial production.
•  Capacity up to 3600 pcs/h.
•  Weight range 30-1800 g. 


Key features


Technical Specifications

Capacity: Up to 4500 pieces/hour.
Subject to dough piece weight and characteristics.

Weight range: 100-1500 g.
Subject to dough characteristics.

Proofing time depending on capacity pcs/h and size of Intermediate Pocket Proofer - IPP.

Power supply: 10 kW.
Based on components set-up.