Indirect Gas Heated Tunnel Oven

The Sveba Dahlen indirect fired gas tunnel oven offers a unique flexibility and capability for producing a wide variety of products. The tunnel oven is built on a concept where each zone has two Weishaupt™ gas burners heating the air and distributing it to the top and the bottom of the oven through heat exchangers. Using separate burners for top and bottom provides individual temperature settings for top- and bottom heat and by that optimal temperature control and fast reaction time, giving more flexibility compared to a traditional singel burner oven. Each oven zone consists of a number of prefabricated modules (each 2.2 m long) that are easy to transport and install. Additional zones can be added if more capacity is needed. Indirect gas (oil) heated ovens can be used up to 280°C. Available belt widths are 2.1 m (2.2 m*), 2.5 m (2.6 m*), 3.0 m (3.1 m*). * Up to certain length.


Separate burners for top and bottom heat
By using separate burners for top and bottom heat the oven becomes more easy to regulate and the oven also reacts much faster. This way the tunnel oven is much more flexible compared to a traditional single burner oven.

Each zone in the tunnel oven is controlled independently of each other since the temperature is set in each zone just like in an electrically heated oven. There is no need to regulate the tunnel oven by use of dampers. 

Energy efficient
To receive the lowest possible energy consumption in a gas oven the patented Sveba Dahlen indirect heated tunnel oven use multi burner system for heating (one burner for top-heat and one for bottom heat, in each zone). This means that power is only used in the different zones when and where it is needed.

A traditional oven cannot be run if the burner goes out, with our oven its still possible to produce since we use multiple burners. This makes the oven very reliable.


  • Continuous recipe change.
    Changing recipe continuously in a zone immediately when the zone is empty. Changing recipe baking time immediately when oven is empty. Available with automatic function and manual handling.
  • Steam Regulation.
    Steam regulation on /off by photocell, off delay when no indicated bread.
    Steam regulation on /off like above plus adjusting kg steam / hour.
  • Humidity measurement.
    By using humidity sensors in the different zones the humidity parameter can be measured and controlled.  
  • Rotating belt brush.
    Pneumatically, liftable and rotating brush for regularly cleaning. 
  • Motorized dampers and oven doors.
    Recipe controlled damper and oven door positions.
  • Thyristor controlled heat. 
    For a more accurate regulation, the heating elements can be controlled by thyristor regulation.
  • Water spray at the outfeed. 
    Gives a shinier product and improves the crust.
  • Walkway on top of the oven.
    Simplifies cleaning and service. 
  • Frequency inverters for the oven chamber exhaust fan(s). 
    Adjust the fan speed from the PLC screen. The system can be expanded for continuous under pressure / flow regulation.
  • Air Flow Turbo Zone.
    Frequency controlled speed. Individual setting for different recipes. Vertically Turbo air flow through the belt. 
  • Frequency controlled fan speed.
    Individual setting for different recipes. 
  • High power section in zone 1. 
    Add extra power heat elements in the first part of the bottom heat chamber. Controlled from PLC screen, and specified in the recipes

Key features

Oven belts

Available belts for Gas Tunnel Ovens:
Left: Tight wire mesh belt for free standing bread.
Right: Open wire mesh belt for tin breads and trays.

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Technical Specifications