Customer adapted make-up lines

Glimek offers complete dough make-up lines and make-up equipment of high quality. Reliable dough make-up technology with precision control, flexibility regarding weights and types of dough and also user-friendly design that gives baking professionals creative freedom at the lowest cost of ownership. 

Known for very flexible make-up systems for bread production which are always adapted to the actual bread capacity, intermediate proofing time, bread type and shape. The make-up lines are mostly made of stainless steel and are developed in order to withstand continual operation and the industry’s stringent hygienic requirements.

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Flexible Make-up Dough Lines

The Glimek Make-up lines are very flexible and the included equipment and layout depends on required production capacity, end product and premisses. With standard machinery the Make-up lines manages capacities up to 6000 pcs/hour. Below you can see the standard machinery - each one is clickable for more information.

Bowl Lift

Bowl Lift for tipping dough into Dough Divider or Bulk Hopper. High lifting speed 5 meters/min. Gives higher production capacity. Lifting capacity up to 600 kg.

Bulk Hopper

Photocell controlled closing/portioning system. Gives automatic feeding into the divider. Creates an even level in the divider/sheeter hopper leading to better weight accuracy.

Dough Divider

The Glimek SD600 is a stainless multi pocket volumetric suction Dough Divider in 3-pocket or 2/4-pocket execution with reliable dividing system for very high weight accuracy. Handles most kinds of dough. 


The Glimek Conical Rounder CR600 is a very flexible conical rounder for all kind of bakeries, suitable for most types of dough. Two individually adjustable rounding sections processes the dough for ultimate rounding and an optimal result. 

Intermediate Pocket Proofer

Very flexible Intermediate Pocket Proofer with a modular design and always adapted to the acctual products being made. With the pallet infeed system the customer can reach capacities up to 6000 pcs/hour. 


Robust moulder for use in industrial bakeries. Capacity up to 3600 pcs/hour and with wide range of options available making it possible to produce a wide range of end products (form and weight).

Customized Solutions

Customer adapted solutions.